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Canberra Air Conditioning
First Choice For Indoor Air Comfort & Safety

As your preferred Air Conditioning Service specialists, CACS will be there for all your sales, service and repair needs. This involves providing prompt, professional, and affordable air conditioning and heating solutions for your home or business to ensure living or working conditions are to your requirements.

Air Quality Guaranteed

Canberra Air Conditioning Services is an ACT and surrounding NSW based company that takes pride in providing high quality service throughout the regions. We offer complete, expert services for maintaining, installing, repairing and system expansion on your air conditioning and heating systems. We also perform air conditioning and heating conversions to achieve high-energy efficiency.

We are dedicated to understanding our customer’s needs and delivering a quality service that meets their expectations and contract specifications. to this end we always comply with relevant legislative requirements and industry codes.

The company embraces best practice to ensure a quality service while operating in a safe workplace with minimal impact on the environment.

Why Choose CACS

Our key factors to keep you temperature comfortable the safe way, all year round:

24 Hour Emergency Service

Fully Licensed

In-house System Design

Indoor Air Quality Improvements

Climate Control and Energy Efficiency

Air System Balancing

Computerised Dispatch Service

HVAC - Controls Qualified

On-going HVAC Training

CFC – Certified

Mission Statement

Canberra Air Conditioning Services is committed to providing professional solutions to our broad range of customers. We continually strive for excellence in the sales, design, installation and servicing of air conditioning, refrigeration and mechanical ventilation systems.


To achieve this, we focus on the following key areas:


Quality Customer Service

We continue to build on our reputation for delivering high-quality products and services, reliability and finding the most cost-effective solution for each of our customers. We achieve this through our employees and service partners, who are responsible for ensuring complete customer satisfaction.


Business Excellence

Canberra Air Conditioning Services is committed to innovation and quality. We achieve this by continually reviewing our quality system, which is based on the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015. Our employees and service partners are trained in our quality policies and procedures; plus, we encourage them to identify and recommend improvements for achieving or exceeding the objectives of our quality system. We support innovation through the application of new ideas, the latest knowledge, and applying new methods from within our industry.



We treat everyone with respect, our customers and stakeholders, our employees, contractors, and our supply chain. For our customers, we ensure that they always receive the best-suited and most cost-effective quality and professional service. For our staff, we know they are key to our success and value their input, contributions and support them wherever possible.


Social Responsibility

We understand that we have a social responsibility for the impacts of our decisions on society and the environment. We know that our decision making must be lawful, accountable. transparent and demonstrate ethical behaviour in terms of our governance, business practices, our approach to human rights and labour practices, as well as providing a safe and healthy working environment. We continually review environmental and legislative requirements to ensure that we always meet our social obligations. Where possible, we engage with our local community, participate in their activities and support community endeavours.

Workplace Health & Safety

Canberra Air Conditioning Services place the highest value on workplace/occupational health,safety and wellbeing. Our vision is to achieve injury free workplaces – no task is so important that a person’s safety should be at risk.

Our Commitment

To achieve this vision, we commit to:

  • Managing our employees, partners and workplaces to ensure compliance with all relevant safety laws, regulations, coads of practice and guidelines
  • Ensuring that the management of health and safety is an integral part of all of our operations
  • Providing the necessary training, equipment and resources so that all work can be completed efficiently and safely
  • Establishing, and regularly reviewing, safety objectives and targets
  • Applying the key principles of hazard identification, risk assessment and control to all tasks
  • Workplace consultation.


Canberra Air Conditioning Services is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its operations and to providing industry leading technical and advisory services that assist its clients and partners to do the same. This commitment is mandated by the environmental policy which has been developed from iSO 14001.

Consumption and usage

We ensure consumption and usage of the following will be minimised through good maintenance practices and assessment of activities:

  • Materials
  • Chemicals
  • Pollution
  • Waste management
  • Transport
  • Energy and water

Canberra Air Conditioning Services’ Quality Assurance is conducted through a structured business management system, which meets the requirements of iSO 9001. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of performance and reliability in all our services we offer. To achieve this, we adopt a consistent and logical approach to quality, ensuring that quality principles direct our everyday activities.

Certified Accreditations

Experience, Knowledge, Safety…

Refrigerant Purchasing

License (ARCtick No. 30271)


Electrical License

Licensed to Carry

Out Elevated Work


White Card

Gas Appliance

Type A

Quality Assurance


Licensed to Carry Out

High Risk Work


Awareness Card



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